tFX Development, LLC


ArtsApp Redesign

Project Description

The ArtsApp Redesign project was a complete rebuild of the ArtsApp Online Portfolio system. I developed custom software, tools, and interfaces to support three main roles – Applicants, Application Reviewers, and Organization Managers. Tools I developed included program and applications management, custom drag-and-drop form building & management, custom application review criteria reporting & tools, a custom scalable cross platform Asynchronous multi-file uploader, Custom cloud-based media storage and portfolio management, inter-application messaging system,  and much more.

This large web based software included enterprise cloud systems such as cloud storage, video encoding & processing, and reporting.  I developed custom tools and integrations with third party systems including, Paypal payment solutions,  Amazon S3,   PandaStream, and Windows Azure, Facebook Open Graph.

This project was re-built from the ground-up using microsofts awesome ASP.NET framework, and the excellent Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls.  The software runs on the awesome Windows Azure Saas (Software As A Service) Cloud platform to provide easy deployment and upgrades, automatic scalability and load balancing, and easy server management.